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Jamie Jankowski, a graduate of the College of Charleston, is an expert in the communications field. She has been in the transportation industry for over ten years. She began her ProDriver career in Administration; as an expert at billing and payroll, she has proven track record of keeping expenses to a minimum. Her many talents were soon recognized and she now employs her customer service skills daily as Operations manager for the company. Jamie regularly attends transportation seminars and training classes; some examples are Hours of Service, Workers Comp & Accident Reporting, Driver Recruiting & Qualifying and other DOT Regulations and Compliance seminars.


Adam Young is a fully endorsed and experienced professional Class A commercial driver with over 12  years in the transportation industry.  He joined the ProDriver team more than 7 years ago as a driver  and has proven from day one his impressive dedication to the company.  Throughout Adam’s 7 years  as a driver, he  quickly worked his way up the ranks to earn his title as a Diamond Driver.  As a  Diamond driver with an impeccable safety record and unwavering commitment to exceeding  customers’ expectations, it was no surprise he was asked to join the Management Team.  Today,  Adam manages recruiting, operations, dispatch and sales in the Sheboygan/Fox Valley market.


Eric has been with ProDriver for over 7 years and had quickly shown his reliability to the company from the beginning. His 15 years in the transportation industry encompasses lots of time spent out on the road and a job overseeing a maintenance department in charge of 17 trucks and 34 trailers – so he knows how to keep a truck on the move in more ways than one! Eric manages recruiting, operations, dispatch and sales in the Chicago market.


Paul Dadson was born in Rochester, New York. Paul moved to the United Kingdom as a child. He began his transportation career twenty-nine years ago at Hillensmith in the UK. Eighteen years ago he moved to Michigan where he earned his CDL. Paul first began his career driving 7 ½ ton trucks as he worked his way up. For the last fifteen years he has spent much of his time on the road as a driver, trainer, instructor, and examiner. He is extremely dedicated to finding new contracts, experienced drivers, and contributing to the overall success of the Houston office. Paul’s beaming personality and knowledge of the transportation industry is a huge asset for PDL Drivers Inc. of Houston. The company should reap the benefits of his employment for many years to come.

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